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    Operated for 37 Years

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About Palmer Equipment Sales

Palmer Equipment has been in business for twenty years. It's a family owned and operated business. The Palmers have been involved in agriculture for the past 60 years. Guy and Lynda, the former owners of Palmer Equipment, have lived on and operated their own farms for most of their married years together. Guy developed a back condition that made it impossible for him to carry out the everyday duties of the farm. Guy and Lynda along with their son Ryan explored their different options for providing their family a living. The only option that was desirable was to pick a career involved in agriculture.

With the rising costs in equipping farms with the machinery needed to do each job, Guy saw the need for equipment that had been restored to a superior standard. Equipment that could be purchased at a fair used value, but at the same time go to the field in excellent working condition, without having to spend on it, which is usually the case.

Guy and Ryan, along with their talented crew, have specialized in New Holland Bale Wagon parts and restoration for 37 years.

About Bale Wagon
We are located in Salina, UT
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